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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Awesomeville Legal Academy Faculty - Out to Get Students

I heard the news during the break...

The student senate has learned that the faculty are pushing to get internet access turned off during class... This is an outrage.

I understand that legal scholars are inherently anti-technology, but this is a bit too much.

As students we use the wireless internet for many essential tasks to enhance our learning experience.

In order to further the cause I have layed out some of these well purposed uses of technology to show the faculty their folly. Some of the items are enumerated below:

1) Shopping
2) Reading Sports Updates
3) Blogging
4) Reading Blogs
5) Looking for Photos of Hot Girls on Facebook
6) Instant Messaging
7) Downloading free casebriefs "just in case"

I am confident that once the faculty sees this list, they will understand that this is something they can simply not turn off. Unless our student senate representative was right and the faculty really are out to "C-B" us.

That would be a shame...


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