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Friday, November 03, 2006

Cruisin’ in Awesomeville

I enjoy driving my RV around town. I don’t really take any vacations, but I need the 2,000 sqaure feet for grocery shopping. I get my box of wine and pint of ice cream everyday at 9 AM. I can put my wine in the fridge and ice cream in the freezer. This allows cruise up and down Main Street 75 times without worrying about melting the mint chip ice cream.

My favorite station was busy so I drove to the gas station that still has a guy that pumps the gas. The only problem is that they charge 2 cents extra per gallon for this service.

I had a plan…

I pulled into the gas station and crawled out of the cab of the coach and pretended not to see the large “FULL SERVICE” sign.

When the pump man tried to stop me I said,

“I got this, thanks…”

Pumped my 54 gallons of gas and was on my way…

I saved over $1.

Actually now that I think about I might have forgotten to pay altogether…

Gotta go!!! I still have to polish off this box of wine before class. Maybe I’ll wear my glasses. Sometimes I like to see what kind of birds I squash with the motor coach.


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