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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Caffeine Sources

Tried to get my usual drink on campus today...

Large(Venti - I think) Iced Coffee with a shot of espresso.

I think I got just hot coffee. Either that or caffeiene is not effecting me the way it is needed. I almost fell asleep reading anti-trust stuff. Also, I don't see how iced = hot. $2 something + $1 something tip - too expensive for such bad service...

I plan on switching to Sugar Free Redbull. Just need to locate an ice source on campus.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dang... Another Bachelor Report.

Top three annoying/funny things from the premiere of the Bachelor...

1) Ladies pretending to be using an invisible microphone, while actually being recorded by a visible microphone out of the view of the camera.

2) The Bachelor saying "wife" every time he was asked a question by Chris Harrison.

3) Law Students trying out for the Bachelor... What gives? Couldn't land a summer job?

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A few comments on the bachelor

The bachelor invited one of the ladies to go on "his" yacht.

I think it would have been more appropriate for him to say join me on cbs's yacht.

To prove it wasn't yacht the his date should have asked the following questions...

1) Where is the bathroom?
2) What is the pilot's name?
3) Where do you normally keep the yacht?

I know this line of questioning would have resulted in a non-rose evening and a quick trip home. But it ould have made for better tv.

As a side note - I think Chris Harrison should be the next bachelor.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

More proof law school is making me crazy

It is 9:40 PM on a Saturday night.

I am at Walgreens and I can not believe that they don't have any orange retractable highlighters...

I don't understand why staples closes so early on Saturday, nor do I understand why CVS has the exact same highlighter selection as Walgreens.

Why is it that I chose to color code my highlighters in a way that uses them in inverse proportionality to their availability?

I did salvage the night by ordering 50 highlighters from But they don't get here until Tuesday.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bad Inflation

I went to Wendy's before my special Tuesday class.

By "special," I mean the class that was moved from Friday to Tuesday. Normally a good trade, but when you have class three days in a row it screws over your weekend with reading.

I tried the new 4 alarm chicken sandwich.

It sounded good... You take a spicey checken sandwich and add some hot stuff to it. However it tasted like crap. The bread is different and the jalapenos add heat. Yet, the sum of the parts didn't match. The whole thing just tasted like a greaseball.

Plus, they changed their sizes. All the sizes are essentially the same, but they eliminated the small and now call the old medium small. Unsuspectignly I ordered a medium and got a 32 oz drink.

The kicker was my bill came to like $7.60. For Wendy's that is a total rip.

I would rate the Wendy's 4 alarm chicken sandwich as a 3.5 out of 10.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Big Dance Analysis

I enter into NCAA pools yearly. I never win.

This year I did some analysis about the chances of a team making the final four based on seed. here are the results of my final four statistics.

Seed - Odds of Making the Final Four

So, based on my statistics I picked the following final four:
Florida, Kansas, Texas, Louisville

I am probably way wrong... But I think I will crack the code eventually.

Also, for grins I did a similar analysis on the winning percentage of teams by seed in the first round.

Seed - Odds of Winning in the First Round

This isn't meant to be advice. Just some numbers to prove that you weren't completely wrong when you initially filled in your bracket.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Awesomeville odds and ends

It is sunny and 76 outside.

Days like today are why you buy a car with a sun roof. Too bad my car is in the shop and the Sweet ASS cherry red Neon I got from Enterprise does not have a sun roof. It belies logic to think that is possible to rent a car worse than a Neon, but according to the web site there is a lower level of vehicle.

The best feature on the Neon is the spedometer is 15 mph off. So, I was driving 90 on the highway and getting passed by garbage trucks... Perhaps it is in a different scale, like percent of maximum speed. Otherwise, there is something way wrong.

Anyways, my chances of getting some sun are not very good. I have a nice property assignment to read for tomorrow.

Rumor has it that the cases are good.