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Friday, March 09, 2007

Girl Scout Cookies?

I just bought $9 worth of Gril Scout Cookies.

After one bite of the new Lemonade cookie, I realized a few things.

1) The recipe for the cookie is probably some variation of the following: Saw Dust, Paste and stale cake icing.

2) If it weren't for law school, work and prisons, Girl Scout's would make no money.

Let me expound on the second point. Girl Scout Cookies are only popular to captive audiences. If you have the ability to go and get a good cookie you would never eat a girl scout cookie.

I was excited when I got my cookies because I was at work. I mean I get excited at work when I get a new email...

People were making a big deal about Girl Scout Cookies in class, but then again, for a brownie you can get a law student to vote for you as Student Government President.

I wonder if I can barter a box of thin mints for someone's Con Law Outline...