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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Introducing RedHerring45

I am the oldest student in the night division at the Awesomeville Legal Academy. I am 102... The second oldest is 48. He is wasting his time... He won't graduate until he is 52. Then what is he going to do?

Nobody will hire a 52 year old as a first year associate. Everytime I see him in class I just shake my head. Plus he is kinda overweight. I stay in shape by eating only cornbread and milk.

Oh... Let's get to the post.

I hate political ads. All I know about the person running for mayor of Awesomeville is that the other person says he sucks. So, basically no matter what, I am voting for someone who sucks.

I am voting for the first person who has an ad that actually tells me something about what they believe in.

Well, actually that is not true. I can't vote. There was a snafu when I turned 100. I guess the voting registry can only keep track of 2 digit age numbers. So, they think I am dead...

But, if I were alive I would vote for the first one who told me something about themselves. Maybe that old guy in my evening class could run for mayor after he graduates. Seeing how nobody will hire someone that old.


  • As the Queen of the World, I would make it illegal for anyone 102 to go to law school. Vote for me!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Nov 01, 07:38:00 PM 2006  

  • That's Wrong...

    By Anonymous David Brent, at Thu Nov 02, 06:52:00 AM 2006  

  • Well, 45, writing the first blog, huh? It must feel good. Feels good to get that first blog out of the way, so you can start the ball rolling, doesn't it? One of these days, I’ll introduce myself to the Awesomeville Fallacy Nerd Blog as well. But for now… I couldn't help noticing that we're already getting close to the fallacy line-of-scrimmage. 2 words: ad hominem. Just because a political candidate uses a fallacious argument – sometimes very effectively, I could add – to win a few more votes, doesn’t mean that the candidate sucks. Nor does he necessarily suck if someone else says he does. I’d be careful in the future, 45, while you’re poisoning the well… some of our readers may not correctly discount your facetious fallacies!

    By Blogger StrawMan45, at Thu Nov 02, 08:46:00 PM 2006  

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