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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Calling Shotgun

Imagine this. You're going out with the guys -- maybe for some lunch, maybe for a movie, whatever. (Ladies, this is pertinent to you too... but you're going out with the girls of course.) You're all walking out to your buddy's Hyundai, and you hear some jerk yell, "Shotgun!" We've all been there before...

What can you do? Nothin' you can do. He called the front seat, and you're stuck in the back. Again. The driver gets in, flips on some tunes, and before you know it, you're left out of any and all conversations. Yeah, that's real social.

The problem is not with your friends. The problem is the design of the car. Only two people fit up there in the front. The car was designed with inherent anti-social mentality.

Well, I have a solution. I've transformed my Hyundai so that all my friends fit in the back. I guess you could say I've converted it into a limo of sorts... a Hyundaizine. Now all the homies are chillin' in the back having a great time on our way to lunch, and everyone's happy.

...Everyone except for the driver that is. But I got that SOB kitty litter liberal that lost the Awesomeville election to be my driver, since he has nothing better to do now.


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