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Thursday, November 09, 2006

NO XPLODE Review - Day 1

Flavor: Blue Raspberry

5:40 AM
I opened the tub for the first time. The powder smelled great - like candy. I mixed it well, the taste was OK.

6:15 AM
I pulled the RV into the parking lot at the health club got a spot right next to the escalator. We have an escalator at our health club because it used to be a Krispy Kreme and it is a big uphill hike to the door. That's actually how I became a member. I went to Krispy Kreme one day and thought I was buying a lifetime membership with free doughnuts.

6:20 AM
I was focused and powering through my pull-ups. I felt a lot different than the previous week.

6:25 AM
Some guy swooped onto the pull-up bar as I got ready for my third set... I felt like I turned into the incredible hulk and I released my anger by punching some machine. I felt the extra power and focus when I switched to other exercises. I finished the workout strong, then I ran 3 miles.

I think this stuff works. I know I act more like a beast on it. I do feel a little dizzy sometimes, but that might be due to taking it on an empty stomach. We'll see if it makes me any stronger.