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Monday, November 06, 2006

A little off the top

The Awesomeville Galleria Mall has a fantastic Salon that I frequent…

I am just too damn old to get cheap hair cuts. It is a plus that the women at the Salon aren’t too bad too look at.

Yesterday, while getting my neck trimmed, the stylista distracted me. She was going on and on about telling me how to get free trial size bottles of shampoo (less alcohol than store brands). As I contemplated how many of those tiny and tempting bottles I could squeeze into my old navy cargo pants, she trimmed one of my eyebrows with the trimmer.

Then before I could scold her she buzzed the other one…

She claims it makes me look 20 years younger. I don’t think I look any younger than 92…

Just to teach her a lesson I refused gel. Not sure why, but when I don’t let her put gel in my hair she gets real mad. The only thing that makes more upset is when I put my knit stocking cap on before I tip her.

Oh, in related news, I can see much better now. I guess the ol’ brows were obscuring my vision. Kind of makes me regret that shouting match I got into at the optometrist.

It also makes me wish I didn’t hide that egg in his ceiling tile.


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