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Thursday, December 07, 2006

An honest day's work WHILE impressing women

I was returning some Christmas ornaments to Target yesterday and happened upon quite a lucrative scheme. See, I bought my merchandise at the Awesome County Target, but just happened to be in neighboring Sweet County when I took it back. I discovered that not only are you refunded for the purchase price, but you are also refunded the sales tax -- the sales tax is defined per county in Ohio.

So what? Awesome County sales tax is 5.5%. Sweet County sales tax is a blistering 7.0%. I made a profit of like $0.63!

So here's my plan: I fill my Hyundaizine with all the Awesomeville Target merchandise it can fit. I haul it one exit down the Awesomeville Parkway to the Sweet Shopping Center, "return" the things I bought, and laugh all the way home with my profits.

In fact, I can keep making these trips all day long, and supplemented with my earnings from Delaware mud, I'll never have to work again. Plus, the check-out girl at Sweet Target is pretty cute -- she tells me I should come over to her place and try out her segway some time.


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