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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Famous Championship Awesomeville Baseball Team of 1998

Lawyer question for our Awesomeville Legal Academy kids and neighboring districts -- and trust me, it's purely hypothetical:

It's a sunny, November afternoon at the baseball diamond and it looks like your team is about to cap off its best season ever by winning the big championship game. The shortstop, and team captain, suggests that a little 8th inning celebration is in order -- he wants to pour the remaining Gatorade on the coach.

The centerfielder agrees and helps the mastermind with the heavy lifting. They do the dirty work as you laugh hysterically behind the coach. But wait. They have run away and left you standing there with the empty Gatorade jug.

Caught red handed. No biggie, that's traditional celebration, right?


The coach was 65 years old. It was a cold, November day. The Gatorade froze the coach, he ended up catching pneumonia, and died.

Now to the legal stuff. Who will be charged with the homicide, and does he have a chance in court? More importantly, which person on the team is obligated to feel the remorse for the rest of his pathetic life?


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